Sorry for the shaky camera work- gimbal is back in Shenzhen.

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20 thoughts on “Live Stream: Pantip Plaza Bangkok Electronics Market

  1. I'm a Thai-American just seeing you Naomi in Thailand and saying Sawasdee ka just tickles me. Have fun in Thailand! 🙂

  2. That's so funny, I was just in Pantip Plaza on my recent trip to Thailand, about three weeks ago. You may or may not know that it really used to be an essential tech destination in Thailand, about 10-12 years ago (I hadn't been there in about 9 years)…but now it's just an empty shell of its former self. It was once packed with customers every hour it was open, and was THE place to go for pirated software, Thai and Western pop music, movies on DVD, you name it. And hardware. Now, however, it's a ghost town by comparison, all the large hardware stores are closed, the pirated DVD sellers are gone. I went there with my Thai girlfriend to try to find her a printer, and the very few shops that still sell printers only had the same 3-4 models. Anyway, it's a far cry from (and pretty useless compared to) the hardware and software mecca it was a decade ago.

  3. When I was a young dude, I used to scrape up money for transistors, resistors and caps. I used to make my own circuit boards. Naomi is dealing with stuff that used to be science fiction for me. Great stuff !

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