Best Peppa Pig Toy Learning Videos for Kids! In this preschool learning video for kids, we’ve got our best Peppa Pig toy learning videos! In these three videos, kids will learn colors, counting, common words, and more! First, Peppa Pig gets a new house in a fun learning video featuring lots of common household words. Then it’s George Pig’s birthday as Peppa Pig and her family head to the fair to celebrate. Finally, it’s time for a magical bedtime story that whisks Peppa and George away to an enchanted castle!

0:00 – Peppa Pig gets a New House
11:48 – George Pig’s Birthday at the Fair
23:11 – Peppa Pig and the Enchanted Castle Bedtime Story

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Peppa Pig gets a NEW House!


20 thoughts on “Best Peppa Pig Toy Learning Videos for Kids!

  1. I watched this video with my kids. They like it so, I try to vet everything they watch making sure it's appropriate. Right off it struck me how rude the "mom" was but, I let that pass. I didn't think that a mother should be so bossy of everyone and for that matter, I don't think anyone should be bossy still, there are bossy people in the world whom we all have to deal with so, I moved on. It really wasn't until the end when the father is reading a bedtime story that I my eyes nearly popped out of my head and my ears started glowing red, not with anger but with offense and indignation! How dare any little girl speak to her father with such disrespect! "Peppa" the daughter is depicted as a rude, spoiled brat as if it is completely normal. The Daddy isn't and neither is the son. Exactly who thinks that it's appropriate for little boys to watch their sisters boss their dad? I certainly don't. I've banned this show in my home effective immediately. If you're a father and you notice your daughter's behavior start to turn into one of disrespect, keep a greater eye on the shows that they watch. You'd be surprised at what kind of absolutely unacceptable behavior is depicted as completely normal for children. While some may not agree with me, I want my daughter, and any future daughters I may have, to behave with just as much respect for both parents and strangers alike as my two sons. I dote on my little girl like any father should but I draw the line hard at rudeness and disrespect. That would sour our relationship and damage it irreparably. Respect, appreciation, courtesy, and kindness are universal, things everyone should master. Why a little girl, and to a lesser degree a mother, should be exempt from having to learn these virtues, I have no idea. And I couldn't care less, why. What does matter is that they are, and I won't have it around my children.

    I have down voted this video and I would hope that this show would take my comments seriously and give it due consideration. As a father of a mix of both girls and boys, boys who already tried bossing their mother with grave consequences to both boys. I would hope that any other father would do the same in my shoes. Likewise, I expect that my wife would come unglued at my daughter if she started disrespecting me. Parents have to back each other up, married, divorced, or otherwise for the sake of their children learning that it is not o.k. to behave poorly towars others under any circumstances.

  2. Love the camera view change (to first person) when they were flying! That was super neat. We love playing with our peppa pig toys. Dont think you could of made this any better! Awesome video!

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  6. I really love this video so relaxing. Everyone is nice to one another and and a beautiful happy home with family xoxo

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